Located in the small village of Vho, approximately 5 kilometers from Tortona in Piedmont, lives the boutique winery La Colombera. Owned and operated by expert wine maker, Piercarlo, and his daughter, Elisa Semino, the wines of La Colombera represent 54 acres of vineyards where autochthonous red and white grape varieties are cultivated.

With a passion for farming and viticulture, Piercarlo and Elisa produce wines from the local grape varieties Timorasso, Cortese, Barbera and Croatina. It was in 1998 that Piercarlo carried out his first selection of Barbera grapes from their oldest vineyard, Vigna Brusà. This became La Colombera's first wine.

In 2000, they decided to farm a very old and difficult white grape variety, Timorasso. Since then, Piercarlo and Elisa have vehemently studied this ancient grape variety and planted vines in five different vineyards with the aim of cultivating Timorasso grapes unique and distinct from one another. In 2006, after years of cultivation, Piercarlo and Elisa decided to present two different wines from Timorasso -- the first representing the complexity of the grape and its terroir, Derthona, and the second representing La Colombera, Il Montino.

Elisa Semino: “My father had always preferred working in the vineyards and selling his grapes to other producers, but when I finished winemaking school in 1998, we decided to make our own wine, focusing on Timorasso.

So, we replanted Timorasso where our other varietals had been. It’s an incredibly challenging grape, but luckily all of the producers in our area work together, constantly tasting each other’s wines, giving suggestions and tips. Our first Timorasso was Derthona. Then, in 2006, we purchased the vineyard Montino, with the intention of making a slightly different style of Timorasso and a single-vineyard Cru. Tasting the two side by side, you can feel the beautiful variation in our terroir."

List of wines

La Colombera 'Derthona' DOC
The Timorasso in Derthona reflects the terroir of Vho and the dark and light clay soil of La Colombera. It is fermented in stainless steel and ages on the lees for nine months.

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La Colombera 'Il Montino' DOC
The Timorasso in this wine comes from Il Montino and La Colombera and reflects the essence of this grape variety. It is fermented in stainless steel and ages on the lees for nine months

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La Colombera 'Arché' DOC
La Colombera's Arché comes from 100% Croatina from the Il Montino vineyard. The croatina grapes are semi-dried on the vine, pressed and fermented in stainless steel.

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