About Us

We like wines that tell a story, 
that tell you from where they come, their experiences, where they have been and, just as importantly, where they are going.
Each wine imported by Indigenous Selections has its own unique story that unfolds as it is poured into a glass.

Founded in 2006 by winemaker Giorgio Rivetti, Indigenous Selections represents a collection of hand-selected wineries crafting the finest and most authentic representations of what Italy has to offer. Having a winemaker at the company helm allows us to truly understand, and therefore be able to narrate, the stories of each of the products we represent.

Our portfolio includes wines from Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto, Campania, Sicily and Friuli and is completed by a selection of Indigenous label wines, each of which has been hand-selected by Giorgio Rivetti to offer an interesting and authentic Italian wine experience.

Our team

Giorgio Rivetti


David Goewey DuBou

Director of Sales and Education

Over the last 20 years, David has traveled much of the world studying and collaborating with iconic winemakers and Master Sommeliers. Today, as the Director of Sales and Education for Indigenous Selections, David’s focus and passion is Italy.

Indigenous Selections is a family of exceptional Italian producers who are all farmers first. Each producer firmly believes that great wines are grown, not made. Everything we do at Indigenous Selections comes from a winemaker’s perspective, as we are a unique import company that is owned and managed by an Italian winemaker.

I have a real passion for wine and I hate bios. But there is a constant need to prove your worth in the modern wine world.
So with that in mind…
For over 20 years,
I’ve traveled the world’s wine regions and dug in their dirt.
I’ve worked harvests.
I’ve interned at wineries and cellars.
I’ve collaborated with winemakers on the final blends for  vintages.
I’ve developed concepts for vineyards that lead to the creation of new prestige wines.
I’ve designed labels.
I’ve help to curate prestigious distribution portfolios.
I’ve been invited to the James Beard house as a Sommelier.
I’ve been blessed to work with oh so many talented chefs on so many memorable dinners.
I’ve studied and collaborated with Masters.
I’ve forgotten too much to remember.
And now I work with an amazing iconic Italian winemaker and oeno-entrepreneur whose talent and
vision are the things of legend.
Why…because wine is spiritual love of art, philosophy, history, geography, science, debate, and divine
storytelling. These are things I must express to others.

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Antonio Gomez-Orodea

Sales - Southeast and Mid Atlantic

Elizabeth Kane Tate

Sales - Northeast

Elizabeth Kane Tate has spent her entire working career in the wine and beverage arena. She began her career in New York City working for the Italian Trade Commission’s Wine Center. She then worked for Lavazza Coffee’s North American subsidiary building Lavazza’s distribution and brand name throughout the continent. Following Lavazza, Elizabeth joined the Veuve Clicquot team. She worked as one of two Senior Brand Managers with a specific focus on their Italian portfolio. After her time at Clicquot, Elizabeth relocated to Boston and worked in Brand Management at MS Walker, a New England wine wholesaler. In 2007, Elizabeth created EKT Communications. Her firm caters to brand building for wine and spirits companies.

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Fabio Longano

U.S. Brand Ambassador / La Spinetta - Contratto - Santa Barbara - Cocito

Born in Italy, my passion for fine wines has been an integral part of my life journey. Originating from a family deeply rooted in distribution, I began my professional career working for the family business, fostering a love for the world of fine wines.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore and learn more about the world, I made the decision to relocate to the United States. I hold a degree in Culinary Arts, specializing in management, and have earned a prestigious certificate from the Associazione Italiana Sommeliers (AIS).

Over the course of the last 23 years, my professional journey has been marked by a series of enriching experiences, from collaborating with renowned restaurant leaders to working alongside distributors and importing organizations. These diverse experiences have equipped me with invaluable insights into the wine business, and I continue to thrive on the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Beyond the realm of work, I find joy in various pursuits. Whether it’s listening to music, experimenting with culinary creations, or hosting gatherings, I derive inspiration from the simple pleasures of life. An interesting facet of my personal life involves cultivating grapes in my backyard, an endeavor undertaken with a relaxed demeanor and a well-worn t-shirt.

Throughout this journey, I am profoundly grateful for the unwavering support of those who believed in me. Both of my parents, Tony Ciccarelli (RIP), and Lisa Mize have played significant roles, directly and indirectly, in shaping the person I am today. Their encouragement and belief have been my guiding lights, contributing to the success and fulfillment I find in my professional and personal pursuits.

Additionally, meeting a visionary of the caliber of Giorgio Rivetti has reignited in me an immense excitement for the wine business that I haven’t felt in years. His insights and passion have been a source of inspiration, propelling me to new heights in my career and infusing a renewed vigor into my love for the artistry of fine wines. As I continue this journey, I carry with me the collective wisdom and support of these remarkable individuals, driving me toward greater achievements and a continued passion for the world of fine wine.

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Alice Dal Moro

Regional Manager CA, WA, OR

I’m Alice Dal Moro, a passionate wine sales professional who proudly hails from the charming town of Asolo, nestled north of Venice, Italy. With a heart deeply rooted in the traditions and warmth of Italian culture, my 7-years journey in the dynamic world of wine has been a fusion of heritage and professional growth. Over the last few years, I’ve had the pleasure of immersing myself in the diverse landscape of Southern California, representing esteemed entities such as Empson USA (as their Southern California Manager), Wine Warehouse (as their Italian Wine Specialist for SD, OC, and the Desert), Domaine and Estates (a division of Southern Glazers, covering SD), and currently Indigenous Selections.

What fuels my professional journey is not just a love for wine but, more importantly, a genuine love for people.

I have an Associate Degree in Hospitality Management, an Associate Degree in Spanish, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. This academic journey has been instrumental in shaping my approach to sales, blending the nuances of hospitality, linguistic finesse, and business acumen into a unique skill set. Plus, I have worked for 15 years in the Hospitality Industry.

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