“I spent my childhood with my grandparents in the hills of Prosecco, tending their vineyards.  I have so many memories of joy and fatigue.  I had originally even planned on going to winemaking school, but then changed my mind.  I took a different path away from wine, but, as we say, destiny always comes back knocking,” says Elena Moschetta of BiancaVigna.

The Moschetta family has a long history of grape growing, dating back over a century, cultivating grapes from the the historic vineyards in the prestigious San Gallo (Conegliano Valdobbiadene) area.  Grapes had always been sold to the local cooperative and various wineries in the area, but in 2004 something changed when the sister/brother team decided to combine Elena’s extensive business and managerial experience with Enrico’s 20+ years of expertise and familiarity in the vineyards and wines of Prosecco, founding the BiancaVigna winery.  The company synergy is completed by Elena’s husband, Luca Cuzziol (with siblings Bepi and Grazia), at the helm of one of Italy’s leading fine wines import and distribution companies.

Elena explains: “Sitting with my husband and my brother one day, we started talking and thought, ‘Why don’t we start our own winery?  We already have beautiful vineyards, which are managed by my brother, a winemaker; my husband’s company is one of the most important importers of French wines in Italy so he can help with the commercialization; I have the administrative background and experience, having grown up in the vineyards.’  So, in 2004, we put all of our strengths together and opened the winery, and it’s paid off.  We are truly a family business in every sense of the meaning.  BiancaVigna is not only the color of the Prosecco grape (bianca means white in Italian) but also my daughter’s name, Bianca, as we hope the family tradition continues.”


The passion behind each bottle of wine comes first and foremost from a profound love and respect for the land and the territory.  The grapes (predominantly Glera, the local white grape from which Prosecco is produced) for each of BiancaVigna’s sparkling wines are carefully farmed from the 30 hectares (74 acres) of vineyards in the DOCG and DOC areas of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, the most important area for Prosecco wines.  Soils are mostly of alluvial origin (limestone and clay), rich in the minerals and microelements that make Prosecco so unique.  Learning to perceive and understand the land, its distinct soil composition, exposure, altitude and microclimate, allows Enrico to highlight the different structures, minerality and characteristics of each particular vineyard. 


“We know every single inch of the hills between Conegliano and Pieve di Soligo, the places that give our wines a distinctive flavor and aroma.  We believe that only by intimately perceiving and understanding the land can we interpret that land, and produce a high-quality Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco – the symbol of our territory, of its aromas and flavors, but also of its history and its traditions.”


BiancaVigna produces three “Cru” Prosecco wines, produced from a single Rive, the term in local dialect to describe the steep slopes of the hills so representative of the particularities of this unique, and sometimes harsh, land.  These “single vineyards” are exceptional not only for their particular terroir, but also in the notable amount of work dedicated to tending these vines (exceeding 700 hours/hectare each year!), cultivated using the terracing method to prevent erosion.  “The number of hours required to work these steep hills compared to work on flat lands is immeasurable, but you’ll also be rewarded with a minerality in the glass, that when combined with our philosophy of a longer secondary fermention, yields a product that is priceless,” says Elena.


Enrico strives to bring out the singularity and beauty of the Glera grape in each wine, offering a genuine representation of this local variety.  Each single row of vines is tended with care, farming the land in the fullest respect for the environment with particular attention given to the moment of the manual harvest.  The approach in the vineyard is quite traditional while more modern technology is employed in the cellar, a combination that brings balance and harmony to every bubble.  The greatest attention is dedicated to every moment of the production process, from the gentle pressing of the grapes, separate fermentations for each varietal and vineyard and the extended prise de mousse, a crucial moment in unique process of crafting sparkling wines in the Charmat Method.  Each of these activities requires just the right amount of time, and patience, respecting the processes and timelines set by nature.


Bottling and refining takes places inside a state-of the-art, modern wine cellar, a structure built in complete balance with the landscape, in respect of the people working inside as well as the environment. “We looked for a magical place and we found it, in the Conegliano Hills in the hamlet of Ogliano.  It’s a poetic place,” says Elena when talking about the winery.


BiancaVigna is one of the few Italian wineries to boast the “CasaClima Wine” certification.  Indeed, the employment of eco-friendly and recycled materials in the cellar’s construction, focus on renewable sources and minimization of energy consumption (of both the structure and the entire production cycle) wholly represent Bianca Vigna’s philosophy.  Elena explains, “When building a new winery, we wanted to communicate to our clients and consumers, that we have the utmost respect for Nature.  We work with sustainable agriculture in the vineyards and have constructed a building that respects certain protocols: the use of eco-friendly materials, respect for the energy cycle, water and even a supply chain protocol.


The realization of a dream, Elena and Enrico strive to highlight the unique characteristics of the distinctive Conegliano Valdobiaddene territory devoting the utmost respect to every phase of the process, offering wines of terroir with a message of history, but also the future, in the glass.



Prosecco DOC Brut

The vineyards for the Prosecco Brut are located just across the border of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, where the soil is particularly suitable for the vines to develop deep roots, giving the wines more structure, elegance and finesse.  This Prosecco DOC is a well-balanced, fresh and bright wine, whose medium-body and clean finish make it a refreshing summer beverage or ideal choice for an aperitif.  Aromas and flavors of sliced green apples and pears are complimented by a more mineral note of slate. 

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Spumante Rosa (Brut Rosé) IGT “Cuveé 1931”

This salmon pink sparkler is an intriguing blend of the typical Prosecco variety Glera and Pinot Nero.  A very fine and persistent perlage opens to ethereal perfumes of spring flowers, orchard fruit and distinctive notes of red berries, enhanced by a delicate hint of aromatic herbs.  The fresh and silky palate reveals rich fruit (white peach, cherry) to conclude in a refined finish with bright acidity.

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Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Brut “Millesimato”

The vineyards for this Prosecco Superiore are located in the central-eastern zone of Conegliano-Valdobiaddene, where the soil structure imparts wines with remarkable balance and a distinctive character reflective of the particular terroir.  Made from 100% Glera, the white Prosecco varietal, this is a fragrant and elegant wine, offering enticing floral and ripe pear perfumes accompanied by a dry, savory palate with fresh acidity and notes of green apple, white peach and tangerine.  This unique wine’s silky mousse and creamy palate finishes with a hint of salinity and bitter almond.

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Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG Extra Brut “Rive di Soligo”

“Rive” in the local dialect refers to the steep slopes of the Conegliano/Valdobbiadene hills. In fact, BiancaVigna’s Rive di Soligo vineyard is positioned 380 meters (1247 feet) a.s.l. with a 70% slope, making vineyard work particularly laborious. The result, however, is a remarkable “Cru” Prosecco with a bright straw-green color and an inviting nose where minerals and mint are complemented by green apple and white peach. The palate is rich and creamy, with notes of peach and apricot and multilayered, refined floral notes. This is a very fine and elegant wine.

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Prosecco Rosé DOC Brut

The Rosé version of Prosecco DOC was officially introduced into the Prosecco DOC denomination in 2021, in response to an increasing national and international market demand.  While comprised primarily of the local Glera grape, this pale salmon pink Prosecco DOC Rosé includes 10% of Pinot Nero grown in the Veneto region, thus exhibiting particularly refined floral, red fruit aromas, typical of this variety.  A very fine and persistent perlage opens to a creamy deliciousness on the palate that finishes in a pleasant, fruity aftertaste.  A Rosé sparkler of rare elegance and balance, but also an enticing freshness and acidity, this DOC Prosecco Rosé Millesimato is an ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of foods or can be enjoyed all on its own.

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Prosecco Extra Dry NV DOC

Slightly sweeter than the Brut DOC, this charming Prosecco Extra Dry immediately entices with lively aromas of white flowers and delicate notes of fruit (apple, pineapple) and citrus.  In the glass, this wine is a lovely straw yellow in color with hints of bright green.  A fine, creamy perlage is enhanced by the pleasant balance between acidity and sweetness and a minerality that encourages another sip.  This is a Prosecco DOC wine for every occasion, from aperitif to after dinner. 

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