“I have two passions in my life: Horses and Nebbiolo. And it’s through these passions that Giorgio (Rivetti) and I have become such great friends. Before 1993, our family had always planted Moscato in our vineyard in Neive, but after lots of consideration and long talks with Giorgio, we decided to take out the Moscato and try our hand with Nebbiolo. That was in 1994 and in 2000 our first Barbaresco Baluchin was born” says Ezio Cocito, owner of Cocito Barbaresco,

Ezio Cocito comes from a family of farmers. When he purchased the Baluchin vineyard in Neive in 2000, he turned to Giorgio Rivetti for help in crafting a small production Barbaresco from his family Estate. 

Giorgio and Ezio have been longtime friends; they share a passion for wine and a love of horses. Giorgio, who makes three award-winning single vineyard Barbarescos, was the ideal consultant for Ezio’s new project. 

He extended the use of La Spinetta’s winery and cellar for the production of the lovely Cocito Barbaresco Baluchin and, in exchange, Ezio offered to help take care of Giorgio’s horses. It’s a perfect collaboration!

But why just one wine?  “I’ve alwasys believed if you can’t do something right, you shouldn’t do it at all. I wasn’t sure if I could make the quality of wine that was to my standard, so I decided to focus all of my efforts on just Barbaresco. it’s the same reason why we only produce wine during exceptional vintages.”

Do you have plans to expand your wine portfolio eventually? “I have one daughter and one Barbaresco. I think when you’re able to get it right the first time, you don’t have to worry about trying to create something better.”


Barbaresco Riserva Baluchin DOCG

This Barbaresco Riserva is crafted from Nebbiolo grapes planted in the calcareous clay/sandy soil of the miniscule Bric Micca Cru, the highest point (1,200-1,300 feet above sea level) of the Baluchin vineyard in Neive.  Baluchin means “star” in the Piedmontese dialect, and refers to the vineyard’s ideal position for star gazing on clear night.  This is an extremely precise and focused expression of Nebbiolo, with razor sharp, elegant aromas of blue violets, flint and ash.  The high altitude, and thus cooler temperatures, of the vineyard result in a particularly pretty and graceful wine that opens quite beautifully at even a young age.  A close friend of Giorgio Rivetti, vitner Ezio Cocito vinifies his Baluchin at La Spinetta’s cellar in Castagnole Lanze.

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