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Contratto Americano Rosso NV

The original 19th century recipe for Contratto Americano is based on a unique combination of white wine, Italian brandy and a delicate infusion of over 25 premium natural herbs, spices, roots and seeds. The selection of botanicals (including ginger, mint, bitter orange, sage, etc.) comes from a similar pool to the Vermouth, though the Americano is a bit sweeter. This aromatic infusion of herbs and spices creates a distinctive bouquet and flavor, delicious served chilled on its own and a perfect ingredient in classic and contemporary mixology.



Contratto Vermouth


White Wine

Alcohol content:


Residual Sugar:

200 g/l


Colored with caramelized sugar


White wine, sugar, alcohol, water, herbal extracts


10 of the 25 major aromas (the other 15 are secret): Ginger, mint leaves, hibiscus flower, hawthorn flower, nettle leaves, angelica roots, bitter orange peel, rhubarb roots, sage, sweet orange peel, etc.

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Contratto Vermouth