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Contratto Vermouth Rosso NV

The recipe for the Vermouth Rosso is also based on a combination of white wine, Italian brandy and a delicate infusion of over 30 (many of which remain secret) natural herbs, spices, roots and seeds, colored with caramelized sugar. The traditional production method reveals an aperitif that is sophisticated, well-balanced and complex with a distinctive bouquet and flavor. Delicious served chilled on its own with a twist of lemon, the Rosso is also the perfect Vermouth for a variety of classic and contemporary cocktails.



Contratto Vermouth


White Wine

Alcohol content:


Residual Sugar:

180 g/l


White wine, sugar, alcohol, water, herbal extracts, colored with caramelized sugar


16 of the 31 aromas (the other 15 aromas are secret): Coriander seeds, bay laurel leaves, yellow sweet clover, cinnamon, angelica roots, nutmeg, bitter orange peel, carob tree pods, pimento seeds, rhubarb roots, sage, bard of China, lemon peel, sweet orange peel, liquorices roots, sandal wood, etc.The aromatic blend of herbs and spices gently infuses the wine to create a unique bouquet and taste. Delicious served chilled on its own with a twist of lemon, it is the perfect vermouth for classic and contemporary mixology.

Recent press reviews


Contratto Vermouth Rosso NV

Decanter (94)- "An historic artisanal vermouth revived in 2012, possessing earthy liquorice root lifted by citrus peel. Concentrated, smooth and mildly bitter with integrated notes of Mediterranean herbs, grapefruit, cardamom and bay laurel."


Contratto Vermouth Rosso NV

International Wine Review (93)- "Light brown color. Spicy, coffee and date notes show on the nose with hints of licorice and citrus. Sensual and creamy on the palate with flavors that mirror the nose. Made from a white wine base of Cortese and Italian brandy infused with 31 aromatics including bay laurel, cinnamon, angelica, rhubarb roots, various citrus peels, sandal wood and bark of China. RS 180 g/L, 17% alc."


The Fifty Best (Gold )- "Double Gold Metal Nose: Cherry, cherry cola, cola, cane sugar, demerara, dark brown sugar, dark berries, plum, peach, orange, grapefruit rind, herbaceous, herbs, licorice, peanut, nutmeg, warm spice, aromatic ash, birch, cedar, oak, woody, red wine, complex. Palate: Stewed prunes, fruit leather, berry, cherry, cherry cola, cola, demerara, maple, apple, lemon, lime peel, honeysuckle, marzipan, ginger, licorice, clove, sweet over herbs, sweet cedar, pine, oak, cherry wood, well balanced, jammy mouthfeel, rich. Finish: Cherry, berry, pear, prune marmalade, cola, maple, honey from the hive, herbaceous, grape must, nutmeg, clove, lingering spice, pleasant sweetness, smooth, nice, rich. "

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