Known for their vermouths that date back to the 1890's, Contratto also makes two products suited for aperitivo hour. Called Bitter and Aperitif, both recipes are made with an Italian brandy base, both endure a cold maceration process for the botanical infusion, and both use natural coloring from carrot and red beet extracts for the color. Aperitif is the lighter of the two (13.5% ABV) with a prominent fresh orange/tangerine flavor and soft sweetness that lends itself to the spritz format. Botanicals in the Aperitif include mint, safflower, sage, and licorice. The Bitter has a darker magenta color and bold bitterness thanks to botanicals like nettle, wormwood, and cardamom, balanced out by brighter flavors like hibiscus and rhubarb. At 22% ABV, the Bitter is also higher in alcohol and mixes beautifully with gin and sweet vermouth in a Negroni.
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