The 2010 Barolo Vigneto Garretti is an amazing wine with an impresive level of depth and intensity. The wine is redolent o dark fruit and dried cherry, but its most interesting aromas come forth as exotic spice and dark licorice. This Barolo stands out thanks to its profound sense of elegance and determination. The bouquet is stitched together with harmony and grace. The mouthfeel is similarly polished, but it also delivers evident strength with fine tannins and excellent length. I had the oportunity to spend some time with Giorgio Rivetti this year at the Campe winery just outside the Grinzane Cavour castle. This gave me the opportunity to taste his fabolous 2005 Riservas form magnum (taht will be released later this year in September) and a chance to catch up on some back vintages. La Spinetta is synonymous with one of the most distinctive winemaking styles in the Langhe. The wines are easily identifiable in a blind tasting because, acroos the board, they offer a uniquely intense aromatic delivery. The bouquetes on the 2013 wines are deeply fragant and fruity; the 2012 vintage is more integrated with spice and tobacco. The 2011 vintage is marked by profound balsam notes of cola, mint and medicinal herbs. These are extremely personalized wines.
" - Wine Advocate