I grew up in the vineyards, spending my entire life with my grandparents and parents, but as soon as I took the reign, I ripped out the old vines and planted Fiano. It had just started to become popular as a dry, still wine rather than the sweet, sparkling wine it had been known as before. My parents thought I was crazy and that Fiano was a fad that would soon die, but after 15 years of increasing popularity and selling the grapes to other producers, I decided that I wanted to make my own wine. That was back in 2004” says Ercole Zarella, owner of Rocca del Principe winery.

Each year I am learning more and studying more. It’s important to me as an artisanal producer to always make the best wine that I can possibly make from our territory. That doesn’t mean more in terms of quantity, but it means to constantly improve the wines we have, the plants and the vineyards. It’s a challenge, but so far I couldn’t be happier.”

Campanian husband and wife and winemaking duo, Aurelia Fabrizio and Ercole Zarrella, immediately commanded the attention of critics and consumers alike through the sheer breadth of aromatics, minerals and compelling nuances displayed in their substantial Fiano di Avellino.

Their philosophy is a simple one: low production in the vineyards means higher quality in the cellars. This principle informs all their decisions throughout production. The duo regularly performs green-harvests and employs no chemical pesti­ cides or synthetic fertilizers.

Though their first estate-bottled vintage was only in 2004, these experienced growers regularly boast 3 Bicchieri from Gambero Rosso for their stellar Fiano and have been named Gambero Rosso’s Up-And-Coming Winery of the Year in 2009!


Fiano di Avellino DOCG

Vineyards for the Fiano are planted on opposite north/south sides of the Arianello hillside, indisputably one of the best locations for Fiano. One side is rich in complex volcanic soils and the other in clay and calcareous soils, resulting in a lively wine with white peach, lemon, lime and crushed stone on the nose, enhanced by elegant notes of flowers and aromatic herbs. In the mouth, it is pure, fresh and juicy, finishing with outstanding length and great acidity. The Fiano di Avellino is a true expression of territory.

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Aglianico Irpinia DOC

Along with the white Fiano, Aglianico is the most representative red wine from the Campania region in southern Italy. The Irpinia is produced from fruit grown on the esteemed Contrada Campore vineyard, at 500 meters (1640 feet) a.s.l. This is a rich and intense wine, with a complex array of aromas including red and black fruits, earth, spice and herbs. Though full in body with a long, velvety finish, this is a very approachable Aglianico, and undoubtedly a great value.

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Taurasi DOCG Aurelia

Made from 100% Aglianico, the most noble of southern Italian red grape varieties, coming from the Contrada Campore vineyard. The Taurasi Aurelia is aged 24 months in oak, followed by an additional 12 in bottle, resulting in a complex and well-balanced wine with excellent aging potential. The nose offers typical aromas of dried cherry, black licorice, tobacco and dried herbs while the full mouth is supported by linear tannins and smoky mineral notes for a lingering, spicy finish.

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Fiano Di Avellino Riserva DOCG Neviera di Sopra

A small production of Cru Fiano di Avellino crafted from grapes grown in the Neviera Contrada, named for its particular north-facing exposition where, in Renaissance times, the snow (neve) was conserved as ice in a large well-like recipient until the following summer.  Still today, this is the area where vineyards experience the most significant differences between day and nighttime temperatures, granting the wines freshness, elegance, complexity and longevity.  Vinified and aged in a combination of stainless steel and oak, the resulting wine is intense, persistent and complex on the nose with enveloping citrus and balsamic notes upon tasting.  This is a wine conceived for lengthy periods of aging where it will gain even more complexity and appeal.

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Fiano Di Avellino Riserva DOCG Tognano

Grapes for this 100% Fiano wine come from the renowned Contrada Tognano, historically considered one of the most exceptional sites for this traditional grape.  This Cru wine is produced from a careful selection of grapes harvested from vines grafted with the century-old Fiano clone (pre-phylloxera).  An ideal combination of soil, microclimate, altitude, and east-facing exposition make for a particularly characteristic wine.  The Fiano di Avellino Tognano boasts great structure, acidity and complexity while typical varietal aromas of white fruits and citrus combine with mint and slightly toasty notes.  Unique hints of hydrocarbon become more evident with time.

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