Vodka VKA

Vodka VKA


VKA is the first organic Tuscan vodka, crafted with only two pure ingredients: local varieties of certified organic soft Tuscan wheat and crystal clear water from the Apennine hills of Mugello.  Coming from a land long renowned for its culinary and viticultural heritage, the VKA interprets the distinctive Tuscan character, tradition, innovation, strength and elegance in its own way, revealing a Vodka that is an authentic reflection of place.


VKA came about as a philanthropic project created by local entrepreneurs with the aim of restoring the earth to its fertile essence, through the production of high-grade raw materials such as wheat.  VKA works closely with its farmers and cooperatives to ensure the highest quality possible, while always respecting the land.

Local varieties of Tuscan wheat are cultivated organically in the scenic hills of the Mugello region, near Florence, the flourishing stretches of golden wheat quenched by the pure water of these pristine Tuscan Apennine hills.  The idea for VKA was born in an historic eighteenth century villa with a view of the Medici fortress of San Martina and the Trebbio and Cafaggiolo Castles, a magnificent landscape that signifies the “vision” driving the entire project.

An almost magical combination of elements, organic wheat, pristine spring water, wind and earth, comes together to produce a Spirit of purity and clarity.  This fundamental essence of VKA is captured and preserved in an essential, Tuscan style clear glass bottle, underlining both the essential nature of the product and a paramount attention to eco-sustainability.  The entire bottle, including the glass closure, is completely recyclable and all packaging is environmentally friendly as well.

Emphasizing the importance of sustainability, distillation also follows a zero-impact process that allows proteins, starches and gluten to be extracted and sold to the food industry or used in animal feed, continuing the cycle.  The distillation process is carried out using four double-effect continuous vacuum columns, resulting in a vodka of exceptional purity, exhibiting fresh aromas of wheat and apple with no sharp edges, despite its 40% alcohol.  The distillate is blended with pure filtered spring water from the Mugello mountains and then filtered with activated carbon and demethylzed to enhance VKA’s distinct range of perfumes. 

No detail is left to chance, and even the decision to place the acronym VKΛ (a contraction of the word VODKA) vertically on the bottle is a consequence of careful consideration regarding the very nature of the product. 

“If the bottle is laid on its side, the name VKΛ becomes a system in which the V and the Λ become the symbols of greater and less (> <), indicating the earth (-) on which the fulcrum of the scale is balanced (V).  This symbolic equilibrium represents the perfect balance between the earth and its elements.”

The VKA is considered among Italy’s highest quality spirits and sourced by the finest chefs internationally.  Its extraordinary velvety roundness on the palate allow for pairing with an array of foods including herring, salmon, caviar, crustaceans and bright citrus and tropical fruits. 

“Floating over the glass is a candied cloud, a sweetness which crystallises in almond notes. It exudes a scent of powdered sugar that rematerializes in the hard candies of yesteryear, hinting of taffeta and powdered spices. The sensations multiply: dazzling towards balsamic echoes that intertwine with liquorice and gentiana. Then, a reminiscence on the East. A return to home and the sea, the wind and the Tuscan countryside appear. The water is sparkling with grains, emanating life through their distillation and multifaceted in their flavour. The taste is voluptuous thanks to the enhancement of the distillation which recalls the spiciest notes of the bouquet. Pure is the water that runs smoothly up to the mouth’s centre, taking on a dimension of aromatic pastilles with undertones of helichrysum and dried flowers. The finale opens: unsharpened and dry, encouraging the thought of another sip.”  – Gourmet food and wine expert Andrea Grignaffini

VKA is a distinct product that exemplifies harmony, territory and balance, a Vodka that evokes an array of perfumes, flavors, emotions and sensations, while always speaking of its origins: Tuscany.


Organic Tuscan Vodka

VKA originates from the pristine Tuscan Apennine hills of Mugello, where springs of crystal clear water quench stretches of gold wheat. VKA was born listening to the voice of the sheaf of wheat shooked by the wind, releasing aromas of juniper, anise and wild apples. VKA uses a very refined distillation method: Distilled by four double effect continuous vacuum columns. It has a zero-impact environmental process: organic farming, natural water, spent grains are used for food and livestock feed. Bottle is ALL glass (including top) and box is made from recycled paper.

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