Vodka VKA

Vodka VKA


Coming from a land of great culinary traditions is a Spirit that interprets Tuscan character, tradition, innovation, strength and elegance.  This is Vodka that was born listening to the voice of grains softly shaken by the Tuscan wind.

VKA comes from carefully selected organic wheat, spelt and Tuscan crystal clear Apennines spring water.  Wheat is a very traditional grain for vodka but spelt is something very rarely utilized in spirits.  Spelt is an ancient grain sub-species of wheat cultivated since 5000 BC.  In mythology, spelt was a gift from Demeter, the goddess of the harvest.  Today, spelt is growing in popularity with the health minded due to its broader spectrum of nutrients and digestibility.

Distilled by four double effect continuous vaccum columns, it achieves exceptional purity and fresh aromas of wheat, apple, with no sharp edges. Filtered through active carbon with great care to enhance the entire range of scents and distinguish it. On the pallet, it flows with a wonderfully silky texture and finishes with notes of nuts and a kiss of sweet spice.

A water of character is essential to a great vodka and Tuscany is blessed with the crystal clear spring water from the pristine Tuscan Apennine hills of Mugello. Mugello is a green and blooming territory with rolling hills covered with chestnut trees. It is an enchanting scenery that inspires a sense of deep peace and tranquility. it is here that italy’s most famous spring water is born.

There is a deep concern for the utmost eco-sustainability in all aspects of producing VKA. There is a close relationship with the growers of the wheat and spelt that make VKA and strong incentives are offered to cooperatives and farmers to maintain and improve their farming. VKA’s grans are distilled following a zero-impact process: proteins, starches and gluten are extracted and offered for both food and livestock feed. The organic philosophy continues with environmentally friendly packaging made with recycled paper and chuff and the bottles are entirely recyclable, including the closure, made of glass.


Organic Tuscan Vodka

VKA originates from the pristine Tuscan Apennine hills of Mugello, where springs of crystal clear water quench stretches of gold wheat. VKA was born listening to the voice of the sheaf of wheat shooked by the wind, releasing aromas of juniper, anise and wild apples. VKA uses a very refined distillation method: Distilled by four double effect continuous vacuum columns. It has a zero-impact environmental process: organic farming, natural water, spent grains are used for food and livestock feed. Bottle is ALL glass (including top) and box is made from recycled paper.

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