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Shanken News Daily, May 2015: "Italian spirits producer Contratto is adding two new additions to its portfolio in the U.S., Contratto Aperitif and Contratto Bitter. Using recipes that date to 1933 and 1935, both offerings are made from Barbera grapes from Piedmont, macerated with botanicals and herbs. Contratto Aperitif (13.5%-abv) is positioned to compete with Aperol, while Contratto Bitter is aligned in the same competitive segment as Campari. Both follow Contratto’s U.S launch of its boutique vermouth range in 2013. Giuliana Imports, Michael Skurnik Wines and Indigenous Selections serve as the company’s importers. Contratto was acquired in 2011 by Giorgio Rivetti, proprietor and winemaker at Piedmont winery La Spinetta."
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Amazing Italian wines selected and imported by Giorgio Rivetti.

  • Giorgio Rivetti: “I’ve been in this business a long time and I have so many friends, who are small producers with beautiful vineyards, but without the financial resources or the network for communication and sales. I work together with my friends to create the beautiful wines behind the INDIGENOUS label. I always say, you should drink great wines every day, including wines at an affordable price, but the quality MUST be present. This is how the INDIGENOUS label was started and with the same principles for which this company was built. Quality over quanity, always, no exceptions. Respect the land, respect the vines, pay great attention to the work in the cellar and focus on products that Italy is known and indigenous for…”

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